Exclusive Diagnosis

Knowing me, knowing you. Our start-point, our basecamp. We will ask many questions, you will enjoy answering, musing, and considering.  Based on our quantitative awakening radar, qualitative research and co-working sessions, we will measure how awake® is your entire organization, your team or your leadership.  Together we will define your desired position on the awakening scale, and will co-create the solutions to reach it ASAP.  Transformation is guaranteed only when rigorous evaluation is possible!  Only suitable for restless minds obsessed with accelerating the transformation, its measurement and its impact.

Silver Model: 6-20 people –> 3 to 6 months
Golden Model: 21-100 people –> 6 months to 1 year
Platinum Model: over 100 people –> 1 year to 2 years

Empowering Learning

Ch..Ch..Changes. Nobody ever transformed on their own. We will awake leaders to awake teams to generate new solutions that impact your business. You will learn to generate ideas together, prototype, innovate and communicate success to the world with exceptional tools, gamification and agile methodologies. Our journey is far more important than our ever shifting destination. Only suitable for restless minds obsessed with real quality learning.

Facilitation workshops: strategic and design thinking sessions to transform your desired outputs about your brands, business strategies, processes and working models, or consumers & stakeholders action plans –> 4hs to 2 days
Training Sessions: experiential learning sessions about how to lead your mindset, thinking, ideas, people, conversations and results –> 1 day to 1 week
Executive Coaching & Mentoring: executive individual and team sessions –> 6 months to 1 year

Awakening Pills

Don´t stop me now. Once awake, always awake. We will keep the faith, maintain momentum, continue to provoke and inspire. Our range of awakening experiences will keep you on your toes. Only suitable for restless minds obsessed with always going one step further.

Inspirational Talks:  unique talks, conferences and “triálogos” round tables to stay eyes opened to the world –> 1hs to 3 hs
Team Building Sessions: break through experiences to really change your paradigm and point of view about impactful team working  –> 4 hs to 1 weekend
Innovative Programs: ad-hoc short programs aimed to stop sleeping attitudes, and raise other abilities essential for today’s and tomorrow’s organizations survival: curiosity, children’s vision, experimentation, imagination, and improvisation

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